Sunday, October 07, 2012

beautiful Namibia

In September, just before leaving beautiful Namibia, Ruco and I did a "living desert tour" in Swakopmund. Ruco's parents live in Swakopmund again (Ruco lived there for 6 years growing up) and I loved exploring their cute German town for the first time. Swakopmund is surrounded by the gorgeous Atlantic ocean on one side and beautiful Namib desert on the other side. It's SUCH a unique place. We are looking forward to going back and spending Christmas there this year.

On the living desert tour, we spotted lots of these funny chameleons. Our guide brought food for them, but it was SO cold that many of them didn't even try to eat. Their tongues would move SO slow going for the food! 

The roads in Namibia are SO desolate. Not many people out and walking around. This is NOT the Africa I am used to (busy roads with pedestrians and bicycles)!! :) 

I had NEVER seen desert sand dunes like this. Throughout most of Namibia, I kept saying "oh this looks like Arizona!!" or other places, but once we got to Swakopmund, it was a whole other desert than what I had experienced before! 

We spotted one of these dwarf snakes, and I guess they are rare to spot? I think I declined the offer to hold this one.

I love the colors of these bright geckos! Our guide would dig them out of the sand when he would spot their tracks under the sand...crazy! 

We also spotted a horned adder (well our guide did). I was REALLY not interested in getting close to this guy. Apparently VERY poisonous.

We also had time just to sit and enjoy the dunes with cold drinks. It was gorgeous! Our God is SO creative! 

A skink. I did hold this guy. Very strange thing.

Overlooking the beautiful Atlantic. Swakopmund is so unique that it has the ocean AND the desert! Love it. 

This is Spitzkoppe. We camped here one night at the base of it. It was an amazing experience! 

The dancing white lady spider was forced out of her home by our guide. Then she danced a little jig to show us how angry we had made her!!

It was fascinating for me to learn so much about Namibia on our trip. I can't wait to go back!


The Reeds said...

What an amazing experience! I'm so glad you got to see Namibia and I'm excited to see what Christmas in Namibia looks like!

amy said...

Beautiful pics Tor! Love you!